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A room that was once "missing something" can now become the focal point of the house. Custom curtains and draperies complete the look and feel of any room and make it more inviting. No other piece of décor can provide the same feeling. Without custom draperies, the room is simply unfinished.

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This glorious custom dining room treatment completely transformed this small space. Creating such a grand treatment over one single window helps make this space feel much bigger than it actually is. (You have to click on the pic to see it all). Not only do the luxurious custom silk drapes provide softness to the straight lines of the space, the custom swags and jabots add grandeur that keeps the eye moving upwards. The high-end look is finished with endless custom details, such as trim, piping, and banding added all throughout. All drapery here is 100% silk, lined and interlined. (Marietta, GA)

Notice the attention to detail in this treatment. The swags and jabots are lined with an accent of solid silk fabric that coordinates with the walls. That band of color is separated from the main fabric with a small piping detail trim to give dimension. The coordinating tassel trim is added to provide a luxurious feel that coordinates with the silks. The drapery fabric has been custom pleated with a diamond pattern, to add texture to the fabric. The swag fabric, though it is the same, is left as a solid base to give variation in the different pieces. The overall look and feel of this room completely changed with this custom window treatment design. (Marietta, GA)

This treatment won second place in the 2017 International Envision Design Competition for Combination Treatments.

These pinch pleat drapery panels, are custom made with a stunning combination of three completely different fabrics. The detail in the design allows these draperies to accent this custom-built home beautifully, without impeding on the outside view. These two-story custom drapery panels are 271" long, weighing 73lbs each; something you’ll only find in custom window décor. (Marietta, GA)

Close up view of the pinch pleats showing the three fabrics precisely coordinated to complement each other. Choosing a strong accent color for the outside edges, allows for a perfect framing opportunity. These panels are three widths wide each and are blackout lined and interlined, ensuring the sun will not show any deviations in fabric. The main fabric is from Kravet. (Marietta, GA)

This treatment won second place in the 2017 International Envision Design Competition for Speciality Treatments.

These stationary silk drapery panels are custom made to take the eye away from the small arches of the windows and make them look grander. This arch combination was a small accent in this room that needed to be enhanced. Installing the drapery rod above, and well beyond its borders makes this room and this window feel extra-large in comparison. The draperies are made from custom silk pin-stripe on top and a grey coordinating crushed silk on the bottom. (Roswell, GA)

Close up view of the custom pleated bottom half of these silk drapery. This bottom half was done at four times the width of the pen stripe panel it is attached to above. This provides a fuller bottom look that can be flared out or gathered in close for two different looks. The entire drapery is lined and interlined to ensure sunlight does not bleed through the fabric. (Roswell, GA)

This treatment won second place in the 2017 International Ingenuity Workroom Competition for Specialty Window Fashions.

Sheer drapery panels made from a woven fabric hang softly in each corner of this custom kitchen with open floor plan. Having the fabric in the corners softens the entire look of this large space and still allows easy access for the glass doors to open up to the pool behind it. (Miramar Beach, FL)

Custom made sheer drapery panels traverse across these large glass doors allowing for privacy from the golf course when needed. Custom hardware is hidden up in the soffit to provide a waterfall look from the ceiling. Soft sheers, even if only in the corners, soften the harsh lines of a room and provide a more comfortable atmosphere. (Miramar Beach, FL)

Sometimes the only way to treat a window with an arch is to add a rod across the middle. Though these custom drapery panels are stationary, flanking the outside edges with them, keeps this window from overpowering the room. (Roswell, GA)

Close up view of the inverted pinch pleats, accented with custom brown silk buttons. These drapes are made from 100% crushed silk and are lined with blackout lining to make sure the sun does not fade them. (Roswell, GA)

This is another example of how to treat arches in a window; this time in a bay window. Mounting the rod above all of the arches distracts the eye from noticing their size variations. Connecting the rod in the corners allows for a seamless flow of the design. Making the draperies to coordinate with the room helps tie the entire space together. (Roswell, GA)

Notice the attention to detail in this treatment. The leading edges are lined with a band that coordinates with the pin-striped walls. The crushed silk fabric is accented with tied silk knots, all throughout, that coordinate with the rug in the center of the room. The hardware matches the finishes in the room and the overall treatment accents the bay without impeding the view. (Roswell, GA)

These fun draperies are custom made from a Vern Yip fabric and coordinate with the crushed blue velvet roman shade underneath. The draperies also have a coordinating blue velvet pleated trim on the leading edge. The overall look is coordinated with the bedding as well. (Historic Brookhaven, Atlanta, GA)

Close up view of the leading edge with blue velvet pleated trim. These draperies and shades are all blackout lined. Installing them above the frame of the shutters still allows the shutters to be opened and closed as desired. (Historic Brookhaven, Atlanta, GA)

Colorful custom drapery panels made to give symmetry to this space. Notice the left is a window and the right is a door to the deck. Treating each area with the same draperies takes the eye away from the differences in the windows and places it more on the overall design of the room. (Marietta, GA)

Pleating the pinch pleats to pattern, with this Duralee fabric, is something you will only get with custom work; this helps to expose the greatest assets of the fabric. These draperies were also given a solid color block at the bottom which is separated from the main fabric with a solid green two-inch band of color that ties both fabrics together. (Marietta, GA)

Sheer muslin drapery panels hang from custom fit, solid wood, two-inch drapery rods. The sheers are designed to flow from the ceiling to the floor of this two-story window set. (Alpharetta, GA)

Another view of the custom made sheer drapery panels show that an additional set hangs over the door and window above it. Two-story treatments don’t have to be elaborate. Simple sheers can add a lot to this space for less than you think. (Alpharetta, GA)

This little girl’s room is so much fun. The pinch pleat white drapery panels were custom made with a contrast leading edge added in paisley pink fabric. The drapery panels are held back to the sides to help frame the gorgeous bed and accent the entire wall. All iron hardware, with crystal finials and crystal holdbacks was custom chosen for this project. (Miramar Beach, FL)

Close up view of custom made drapery panels that are held back with a Swarovski crystal iron holdback. Notice the white fabric has a subtle tone on tone matelassé pattern in the fabric and is separated from the pink paisley fabric with a colorful green and pink rope trim. (Miramar Beach, FL)

This treatment won second place in the 2017 International Ingenuity Workroom Competition for Combination Treatments.

These neutral linen drapery panels hang from custom fit hardware and offer a privacy option for this bedroom when needed. They are designed with a subtle color block on the bottom that blends mildly with the colors of the room and are lined to ensure the harsh Florida sunlight will not fade them. (Miramar Beach, FL)

A closer view of the subtle color blocking on the bottom of these custom-made drapery panels. Notice how they line up with the top edge of the end table next to them. The draperies are also made to land just above the floor so that they will easily traverse closed when desired. (Miramar Beach, FL)

A bold pop of color against a neutral wall is a fun combination in this dining room. Meant to be stationary on the sides, these custom drapery panels offer a needed embellishment in this room. (Lawrenceville, GA)

Notice the pinch pleats on these draperies are so well done they blend in with the pattern of the fabric and do not distract the eye. This is exactly what the customer wanted and provided only in custom drapery fabrication. (Lawrenceville, GA)

This large arch window is an overpowering feature of this room and the client wanted to acknowledge it. Adding two custom drapery panels on the sides, that are decorative in nature, frames the window, toning down its size, while also adding an inviting feel to this space. Matching panels also dress the single double hung window in the corner. (Woodstock, GA)

A close up view of the pinch pleats show how they are pleated to pattern to accent the features of the fabric. In addition, you can see the custom chosen hardware that ties the finishes of the entire room together. (Woodstock, GA)

This large wall of windows is dressed with custom made drapery panels, pinch pleated at the top combined with a solid color block section at the bottom, providing a more comfortable and welcoming feel in this open concept living/dining area. (Auburn, AL)

Close up view of the color block section made from a Robert Allen fabric. Top section is made from woven fabric in a neutral tone to provide a contrast. Entire custom window treatment brings softness to this space and makes it more inviting. (Auburn, AL)

This Nate Berkus fabric is used to cover this entire wall of windows in an effort to provide privacy and prevent glare on the TV. These draperies are fully functional and have a layer of sheers underneath as well. What you see here is five widths of material on each side, stacking back off the window to ensure full light can be enjoyed when desired. (Lawrenceville, GA)

Complete closure is available with these custom-made traversing pinch pleat draperies allowing for privacy and less glare. Notice how perfect the patterns are matched up on each side. You will only get this sort of perfection from a custom drapery workroom. (Lawrenceville, GA)

This newly built sunroom is accented with decorative white draperies, accented with a small custom contrast yellow band across the top and hung from custom chosen hardware that blends with the custom beams in the room. The pinch pleat drapery panels are stationary and decorative. (Historic Brookhaven, Atlanta, GA)

A close up view of the custom yellow band of color pinch pleated to accent these decorative draperies well and bring a little color to this space. Custom stationary draperies prove that a window can be accented well without inhibiting the view. (Historic Brookhaven, Atlanta, GA)

Treating this two-story wall of windows with drapery panels on each end, completes the design of the room, while accenting the largest feature in the room. Leaving such windows untreated simply means the room is unfinished. These drapery panels are lined to protect from the sun and hung from custom hardware. (Loganville, GA)

The custom metal hardware of these pinch pleat drapery panels was chosen to accent the embroidery of the geometric linen fabric. These drapery panels are two widths of material wide and wrap around the corners to treat the empty wall space. The fabric is custom pleated to pattern to show off the design of the fabric. (Loganville, GA)

Another example of color blocking the bottom of the drapery panels. This a bold contrast to the neutral main fabric, but it matches the furniture in the room and accents the entire space perfectly. The gold hardware was specifically chosen to match the finishes in the room. (Lawrenceville, GA)

Close up view of the geometric fabric pattern added to the bottom of these draperies. Notice how perfectly the colors blend together and make the room pop. Decorating your windows with color doesn’t have to be in large quantities. Small accents like this can go a long way for the design. (Lawrenceville, GA)

A feature of this rental home is the inset bunkbeds. In an effort to provide a little privacy, custom grommet linen drapery panels were placed over the entryway. Drapery panels are not lined here as they are not against a window. (Destin, FL)

A closer view of the linen grommet panels that cover the doorway to this bunkbed area. A fun way to accent extra bedding in this rental property. (Destin, FL)

This dining room is accented with four custom made linen pinch pleat drapery panels that are accented with a small band of blue at the top of the pinch pleats and large color block towards the bottom third that is meant to line up with the bottom of the window sill. These drapery panels are lined. (Woodstock, GA)

The custom features of these draperies are represented well with this small trim of color at the top of the pinch pleats. This accent coordinates with the color block towards the bottom and is a feature only seen in custom drapery fabrication. It’s all in the details. (Woodstock, GA)


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